Another sneak peak into The lost Panda, this time looking at the dastardly Mr Yeung.........


Mr Yeung was a miserable and angry little man. He was the size of a small child, but what he lacked in size he made up for in pure viciousness. He was like a little, angry Jack Russell dog, a classic ankle biter you might say. Like one of those little pests that would always be barking at the biggest dog in the park even though it was 6 times its size. Mr Yeung lived alone in a big, old townhouse overlooking the zoo. Having moved in only 6 months before, he spent many long hours noting the goings-on of the visitors, the zookeepers and, in particular, the night watchmen. You see, Mr Yeung had a plan – an evil plan – a very cunning plan (well so he would say), and he was about to put it into action very soon.


Mr Yeung had lived in china but had to leave after an unfortunate incident; it started with him trying to board a bus and ended with him escaping from a Chinese jail cell. That fateful day, while waiting to step on the number 42 bus, Mr Yeung hadn’t seen the lady sprinting up behind him. When she arrived at the door she looked down at the little figure standing in front of her and, assuming it was a little child, lifted him up and placed him on the stairs. Mr Yeung was furious. The fact that she had followed the unexpected lift with “there you go little man” just added further insult. The well-meaning lady experienced the full-blown rage of this little monster, who called her all sorts of names (that we would never repeat in this book), and even threw in an ancient Chinese curse for good measure. Whether the lady awoke the next day with a rat tail coming out her backside we will never know. If she did, let’s hope she was able to hide it with a long skirt or a pair of loose-fitting trousers.

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